5 Reasons To Perform a UX Audit 

by Brandon Kindred
UX audits can help you create a 5 star user experience

You’re likely losing out on potential sales or clicks due to poor UX (user experience). Fortunately, there’s an easy way to solve your problem.

Performing a UX audit once in a while helps you figure out areas your products need improvement and where you’re losing users. However, there are a lot more reasons why you should conduct a usability audit.

Throughout this guide, we will cover the definition of UX audit and why performing a UX audit will improve your product and potentially raise sales.

What is a UX audit?

A UX audit, or usability audit, is the process of evaluating a product. Whether it’s a mobile application or website, UX audits are an excellent way to uncover usability issues within your products.

Also, these tests help you detect any leaks in your user journey funnel and why customers abandon your app. Overall, learning where your product has mistakes can increase customer satisfaction and potentially increase your user base.

Five Reasons To Perform a User Experience Audit

Keep reading to explore the benefits of UX audits. Moreover, throughout this section, we will explore what areas of your product a usability audit will enhance.

1) Learn How Your Users React to Your Product

With an audit, you’ll learn where users encounter errors, what copy converts, and what features your users use. Also, using tools like heatmaps will give you a more in-depth insight into their actions.

2) Helps Redesign Your Project Based on Data

When performing a user experience audit on your product, you’ll need to gather every piece of data involved with creating your product. Afterward, you’ll need to investigate areas such as sales data, UX best practices, usability heuristics, and more.

With this information, you can redesign your project based on your findings.

3) Potentially Saves Money

Instead of scaring your users off with a feature creep, you will better understand what features they need. Moreover, instead of wasting money on new features, you can enhance what your users already love.

4) Gain More Perspective

Performing usability audits will help you get additional information from your users. For instance, users looking at your product may find flaws within your product that you missed.

5) Understand Your Competition Better

Analyzing where your competition succeeds allows you to figure out what defines success in the industry. Moreover, it enables you to find your competitors’ weaknesses. With that information, you can recreate your product to stand out more than before.

What Else Should You Know About a UX Audit?

Do you need any more reasons to conduct a usability audit? With the benefits that we listed, not only will you have a better understanding of your product and competition, you’ll also better understand how users react to your product.

If you’re convinced and ready to audit your product, you’ll need to take the next step.

Look-see will help you improve engagement, accessibility, and credibility. Start a free automated UX audit today.

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