We're bringing science to UX!

Our founder is on a mission to help companies worldwide create more delightful experiences using the science behind how people interact with websites. UX is a large complex field with its roots in user psychology, color theory, vision, and accessibility.

It's so much more than design. It's the entire experience that a user has while interacting with your website. Some areas of the user experience and accessibility belong to marketing, while others may require engineers. Our founder saw an issue with how organizations tackled UX and imagined a better way to evaluate and improve UX that works for everyone involved in the UX process.

UX shouldn't be a guessing game.

Performing UX audits by hand is tedious, and the results are often biased based on the person's skill set. Look-see automated UX audits are thorough and help teams find UX issues in minutes.

Our founder has turned vision into reality, and Look-see is bringing science to UX audits. Companies no longer have to guess if they are delivering a good user experience. Our usability score helps you track the quality of your user experiences and find areas that need improvement as your website or product evolves.

Simply enter a public URL that you want to audit and wait 3-10 minutes to get a list of the UX issues found and our recommendations for making improvements. Once you're done reviewing the results, you can easily share a report with stakeholders to help them understand why various improvements are important.

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