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Generate leads faster

Our automated UX audits allow you to generate insights and reports that prospective clients love.

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Simplified lead generation

Agencies looking to increase deal flow rely on UX audits to entice new customers, but performing UX audits by hand is time-consuming. Look-see automates the UX audit process so you can spend more time generating new leads and less time performing audits.

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Faster UX audits

We automated the UX audit process to help you find user experience issues quickly. With Look-see, you can review your client's website faster and help your clients understand the importance of fixing usability issues.

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Accessibility audit

Look-see helps you review client websites for accessibility issues based on WCAG 2.1 standards. Our automated accessibility audit helps you quickly identify areas that need improvement and provides actionable insights on how to meet accessibility standards.

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Happier clients

Making your clients happy can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Our data-driven process helps you demonstrate to your clients why specific changes are needed. With Look-see, your clients will never doubt that you are delivering an experience their customers will love.

Stay on trend. Stay on brand.

Stay ahead with Look-see.

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