Monthly Update: October 2021

by Brandon Kindred

Hey there! Welcome to month two of our monthly update series. We realize that our Look-see has a ways to go before it's all that we dream of, but some people ran into issues while running audits. As a result, our #1 priority this month was finding and fixing as many bugs as possible. We squashed a lot of bugs this month and focused on making Look-see even faster. We hope you like it!

Service Improvements

  1. 10x faster domain audits - This isn't the first time we made a significant improvement to how fast our audits run. I bet you thought there was no way we could make it faster, but we did anyways. Audits for most websites with less than 200 pages take less than an hour to complete.
  2. Audit tracking for domain audits - No more guessing how far along your domain audits are! Our new audit tracking setup allows you to easily get insight into how far along your domain UX audits are.
  3. Domain settings - These settings are now available immediately after creating a domain. You can provide details about the company, brand, and target audience to get personalized insights. This feature is only available to users that create an account, but don't worry, there are free options available :)


We've been putting a lot of effort into creating content that helps our users understand how to approach UX audits as well as educating stakeholders. We're excited to announce that our recent post on how typography impacts UX was published in the Bootcamp publication on Medium! You should check it out!

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