We're bringing science to UX

We analyze visual design, information architecture, content, and accessibility. Look-see uses machine learning and the science behind how people interact with websites to create better experiences.

Review your site from every perspective and get actionable insights on how to improve your UX.

The following are the capabilities we bring to your UX

Computer Vision

Look-see is able to see how your website looks and feels and evaluates each webpage to determine how well you're doing with your use of color, whitespace, and imagery to help you stay on brand. Our AI looks at it all so you don't have to.

Natural Language Processing

Look-see helps you improve SEO and accessibility along with ensuring that your content is delightful, engaging, and readable. It's not all about the content though. Our machine learning systems are able to process the HTML code and tell you where it can be improved for a better experience. We review every aspect of your content and code so that you can focus on your users.

Science-based audits

The science behind the laws of UX provides insight into where user experiences can be improved. There is an art to user experience design, but there is also science at its core. With machine learning, we are able to perform audits that are both fast and highly in tune with what users expect when interacting with your website.

Stay on trend. Stay on brand.

Stay ahead with Look-see.

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